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Right Said Fred!

Fred has arrived! Not Flintstone, or Mercury, or Rogers…the Genuine Fred puzzles are here and ready to party!

There are so many good ones! We at The Puzzle Nerds Headquarters thought we'd start by highlighting our favourites for you. Be sure to check them all out on our website. We dare you to choose just one!

Deb's Fred - XYZ Blocks
This puzzle makes me smile! I love the vintage look of the type and the funny images chosen to represent the letters! Who wouldn't want to puzzle together some dentures and a corndog!

Jo's Fred - Queen Bee
I was immediately struck by the bright, vibrant colours in this puzzle. The image is 'abuzz' with detail! I love all the gorgeous elements that surround the regal Goddess in her resplendent headdress. And she's rockin' that pink hair!

Wynand's Fred - Fanf*%$intastic + Sh!tshow = #noughsaid
That being said, I loved building Rainbow One.
The gradient has structure, making it easier to place
pieces and complete the puzzle. But, just look at it, it's an awesome image!

Brenton's Fred - Moth Girl
As a young kid, I went through a stage where I was totally obsessed with the series of books by the author, Tove Jansson, about the Moomin family. The moment I saw this puzzle, for some reason the image of Moth Girl reminded me of one of the characters in those books named Snufkin, and I was immediately transported back to that magical time.

This puzzle is so clever in the way it captures the moonlight on the old dresser and the sudden surprise when you realize that there is more to the image than just a collection of everyday items.

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